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Those Evil Liberal Bloggers....

I actually like the rant Hebisner: Would you like some Whine with that cheese? since it helps explain how actually ANNOYING the Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppets have always been the lap dogs of their pay masters, irregardless of their other rhetorical posturing....

I of course will look forward to Hebisner's analysis of Robert Reich's Supercapitalism, since that will most likely help him along the path to understanding the central problems of 'product branding and marketting' and that in too many tragic senses americans have lost contact with the actual technical differences between economics and politics. So we wind up with simply the marketting of the various mouth pieces of the various forms of manifestations of the types of social responsiblity that the current form of volunteerism will support, or will be whined at....

One of the vary interesting positions that Reich puts forward would be the 'investor protection', essentially the same sort of gambit that has been run on Unions, to prevent the unions from using the dues of any of the members for any form of political work. In the 'investor protection' form, the investing class is protected from corporations using any of the investors money for political advocacy. This would include not merely the classical forms of 'buying access' but the even more Inept Forms, such as the corporation competing with itself to prevent this or that set of regulations and laws from coming into existence, as occured with GM's war on itself vis-a-vis the electric car.

In this 'investor protection', those investors who do not want to have their investment siphoned off to pay off politico's and the media spin miestering, will be rewarded with a higher return on their money, than those who are in it for supporting the spinmeistering.

This would in short order limit the amount of money that corporations would be allowed to use for any of their radical left wing extremists dealings, such as MySpaces recent spinDoctoring that it would prefer to make feel good suggestions rather than face legal consequences if Congress were to craft and mandate laws.

The upside of the 'investor protection' act is that more corporations would focus specifically on the process of returning share holder value to the investors. They would be freed from the sort of assinine spinmeistering of having to play act as if they cared one way or the other what happens to 'the troops' - leaving such matters in the hands of the Actual American Citizens who have an engagement with the american government and the employee's of that government that are sent into Hostile Fire Payzones in the times of Hostile Fire Payzone Event Sequences.

This process would also Protect the investors, not all of whom are american citizens, from seeking to irrationally acquire quasi-american citizenship, so that they can have standing in american court to litigate against things like the California Air Quality Standings. Such lititgations by Non-Americans would of course be a matter for any international court system to resolve. But with the limitations that the investor's funds were not to be illegally userped to make the Corporation some sort of UnBornPerson, with majikal special rights, the process of trying to get silly foreign litigation into american courts would be a more direct matter of actual persons with actual legal cases!!!!

But this way of course means understanding the differences between politics and economics, and that is probably not going to be as easy to do in these mystical and majikal days of the Stalinist Ideologs.

So why not embrace the Horror and just Support BushCheney2008 so that no one has to deal with reality, and we can all just bliss out on the happy thoughts that we get from the happy world of the happy media where happy people live happy lives of happy all americanisms - even the UnBornPersons, and the other legal fictions.

Granted, the alternative would be to deal with the real world, the real economics, and the real politics.

Why GOSH, just as if we were in a real live Counter-Insurgency against an Insurgency that is trying it's darnedest to deligitimize the seated government.
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