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Yes, where else, but in america:
Former book publisher Judith Regan has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., claiming that the company fired her last year after allegedly trying to compel her to lie to federal investigators and portraying her as "an unethical businesswoman."
In a suit filed Tuesday in the Supreme Court of New York, Regan alleges that "a senior executive" at News Corp. asked her to lie to federal investigators about information she may have obtained about ex-New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik because it might do harm to former mayor Rudolph Giuliani's campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.
Kerik, recently indicted on federal charges of tax fraud and corruption, served under Giuliani while Giuliani was the mayor of New York.

Kerik and Regan previously had a personal relationship, and Regan says News Corp. was "well aware" of that fact.

Regan also claims that News Corp. cast her as "an unethical businesswoman devoid of any integrity" by blaming her for controversy surrounding ReganBooks' announcement that O.J. Simpson had written a book titled "If I Did It." Regan claims that before a public outcry arose against the book, News Corp. had backed plans for its publication wholeheartedly.

[ cf Ex-publisher Regan sues News Corp. ( emphasis in original ) ]
Are YOU doing your part???

Now more than ever we must have BushCheney2008 to protect us from the radical left wing evil liberal media meatpuppets tike Rupert Murdoch's draft dodging dope smoking god hating america bashers at Fox News...

Are YOU doing YOUR part to turn back the evil doing evil doers at Fox News who are Persecuting the True Reganites???
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