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Why DOES the Justice Department Hate Freedom????

I really hope that the evil liberal media meat puppets really means some new and improved gooder is going to be coming:
President Bush says America's new top law enforcement official will bring clear purpose and resolve to the Justice Department. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports, Mr. Bush attended the ceremonial swearing-in of Attorney General Michael Mukasey.
[ cf Mukasey Sworn in as US Attorney General ]
Clearly this is not soon enough given this brutal EVIL:
The US security company Blackwater promised today that any of its guards complicit in wrongdoing will be held to account after FBI investigators were reported to have concluded the fatal shooting of 14 Iraqis was unjustified.
The FBI, which has not completed its investigation, had no comment today. Any prosecution remains unlikely. The private security guards were not at the time subject to either Iraqi or US law, though since the massacre, the Iraqi government has introduced legislation to bring them under its jurisdiction.

[ cf Blackwater promises action after FBI report (emphasis mine)]

Would the action that Blackwater offers up, uh, be, uh, prosecution in a court of law?

Or in a blackwater Army Court of Law, as established under the divine principles of the divine will???

I mean, how can the Evil Demonic Radical Left Wing Extremists in the Justice Department be, well, allowed to Persecute Jesus's Private Army of True Believers who are doing the will of God as is biblically literally clear to all true believers about how to take the Dominion of the Land as God has called unto them to do, to free america, the one true and only white christian america EVER!!!

Note also:
The FBI has concluded that the killing of 14 Iraqi civilians by Blackwater security contractors in Baghdad on Sept. 16 was unjustified under State Department rules for the private guards, U.S. officials said today.

The shooting deaths of three other civilians in the same incident may have been within guidelines for the use of deadly force, officials said.

FBI investigators who spent two weeks in Baghdad last month have briefed prosecutors on their findings, but a formal "prosecutive memo" laying out the key elements of the case has not been sent to the Justice Department yet. Justice will make the final decision on whether to go forward with legal proceedings against the Blackwater personnel.

The investigators found no evidence to support Blackwater's public insistence that the guards shot only in response to gunfire directed at them. The Blackwater guards were attempting to stop traffic at Baghdad's Nisoor Square to allow an expected U.S. diplomatic convoy to pass.

[ cf FBI Concludes Blackwater Killings Unjustified ]

What if we were to allow the Blackwater Army to protect jesus the old fashion way by burning the unbelievers at the stake, for holding apostate hatred of the true faith? and the true Holy Warriors who are Warring against the unbelievers in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn baby jesus....

Or would that be asking too much?
Tags: religion, war, warcrime

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