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Yes, there are evil doers who are just sooo unamerican
A booking error is to blame after a mother arranged to send a "gorilla gram" to her son on his 16th birthday, an arrangement she cleared with Nottingham's Arnold Hill School and Technology College. Instead, the agency sent a stripper clad in a policewoman costume, Sky reported.

After whipping the teen, the stripper placed a collar around his neck and led him around the classroom with a leash, telling him he had been a "bad boy" for not doing his homework. She then put on a Britney Spears tune and stripped for the shocked class, witnesses told Sky.

The police were not called and no one was suspended from the school in the incident, and officials said they were investigating.

[ cf Stripper Mistakenly Sent to School, Whips Teen ]
In america we do it different....

We understand the importance of flogging....
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