drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Now that is SOOO Gay....

Hum... if dick is not a member of the executive. And
US Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday paid tribute to the country's 20 million military veterans, hailing their fight for freedom on Veterans Day, a holiday to mark the sacrifices of the armed services.

"America may be a country founded in revolution, but we've never been a warrior culture. We are a democracy, defended by volunteers," Cheney said in a speech at Virginia's Arlington Cemetery, hailing the armed forces as "truly extraordinary."

[ cf Cheney honors military veterans' fight for freedom ]
doesn't that mean....

Uh, that once again this administration was unwilling to send anyone to the Tomb of the unknown Soldier....

Or are we suppose to feel all excited that we could not get the War President, or the War Czar, and all we got was Dick....

Maybe folks should be thinking about this as they vote BushCheney2008, so as to prevent the need for emergency powers....
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