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Bad Combination Of phrases...

Within a fairly short time (we won't say how much: 15 minutes, a half hour, maybe 2 hours – you know Washington traffic), we arrived at the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), where we went through a cordon of security checks. A gleaming new complex nestled in a wooded area (somewhere in northern Virginia), the center was designed to help surmount the intelligence communication lapses that led up to the 9/11 tragedy. Congress created it in 2004. It is the highest high-tech cerebellum that the nation's best engineers and creative minds – think Disney (more on that later) – could come up with.
[ cf Spending a day at the National Counter Terrorism Center
Reporters tour the secret intelligence agency and find computers, intense security, and a touch of Walt Disney. ]
Which part of 'and a touch of walt disney' should NEVER be in a report on the National Counter Terrorism Center, except in an age of, well... Post-Surrealism...

And Now, your moment of PostSrrealism:
And, despite the government's best intentions, the NCTC is not that hard to locate. The receipt for the jacket with the really neat NCTC logo that I bought at the gift shop yields a few clues. It contains the name of the complex and the city where it's located. But I won't tell, promise.
( op cit)

has anyone thought about the impact on product branding IF YOU CAN NOT RELEASE THE PRODUCT TO THE MARKET PLACE OUTSIDE OF THE WIRE??????
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