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Why Does Fox News Hate Freedom???

I was just shocked to see that Fox News is openly backing the Global Terrorist Threat:
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. described as "totally outrageous" on Friday the storming of its Georgian television station Imedi by armed police, saying they caused "very extensive" damage.

Georgian special forces charged the station on Wednesday night, forcing staff to the floor and holding guns to their heads before smashing equipment and blacking out the signal, witnesses said.

[ cf INTERVIEW-News Corp. attacks Georgia's "outrageous" TV attack ]
I mean, be reasonable.

Governments do not send in the crack special forces troops to irradicate dens of Known Terrorist Fellow Travellors but that there was some sort of reason for it!!! So what DID Fox News Do??? And who did they do it to that caused them to be held accountable for their crimes against the correct implementation of the forces of special operations, and well....


Would this be a good time to raise the question of say:
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
I am sure that if only Fox News had signed on as a Socially Responsible Corporate Sponsor Of Torture, and worked with say TortureNeutral.com, that none of this would have happened.

Or should we talk about
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
as an independent thread, that needs to be the new ben and jerry's of information extraction, and gosh, then, well when Unilever leverages the various players, we can have a unified code of
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
and people will be able to have their own cute little black and blue ribbons to show that they are doing their part...

But I think we all really have to love
Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian billionaire accused of plotting a coup, today said he was considering running for president in January's election to prevent his country sliding into "dictatorship".
Mr Patarkatsishvili told Reuters in written answers from Tel Aviv, Israel, that the president, Mikhail Saakashvili, had lost legitimacy and was no longer the real leader of the Georgian people.

Asked if he would run for president, Mr Patarkatsishvili said: "I am seriously thinking about it. I think the opposition understand that now - as never before - unity is essential. Georgian society needs one single candidate from the opposition."

[ cf Alleged Georgian coup plotter considers running for president ]
I mean, now there is a man who would be more than willing to be socially responsible, and would pro-actively support
Socially Responsible Corporate Torture
since, well, sometimes you just have to bomb them flat to make them a safer place, for, well Corporate Responsibility...


I wonder if I see a theme developing here...
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