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Tax Cuts!!! Tax Cuts!!!

Are YOU as tired of the evil liberal media and it's god hating america bashing radical left wing propoganda:
Across the country, 38 different lawsuits have been filed against various telecommunication companies, alleging that they illegally collaborated with the National Security Agency (NSA) on a domestic spying program following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The existence of the warrantless surveillance program was first revealed by the New York Times in December 2005.

For much of the past year, civil liberties groups and telecommunication lobbyists have been wrangling over the terms of a proposed update to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

[ cf Will Telcos Get Immunity for Domestic Spying? ]
Hello, WHO CARES????

What this country needs is a
"we openly support torturing by any means Tax Cuts, just as the unborn baby Jesus biblically litterally demands!!!"
lobbying campaign!!! I mean just think of all of the pretty upsides!!!

Everyone gets more tax credits and off the top tax deductions, especially if they are in the Torturing, or Torturing support, or the near towards Torturing, or would torture more... or at least you were a loyal party member who had heard of a guy who knew someone who had been near to torturing, and you would clearly be more willing to engage in any form of Information Extraxtion, no matter how much information you destroyed in the process, and so clearly deserve the Tax Cut!!!

Come On Boys and Girls, Chant it with Me:
Tax Cuts For Torture!!!
We Want Tax Cuts For Torture!!!!
It is NOT enough to Merely indemnify from some crimes!!!
We Have To Show Them WE ARE SERIOUS

Tax Cuts For Torture!!!!
Bring Out Your Tax Cuts For Torture!!!
You know, clearly much more patriotic that one...

And it would clearly win the whatever On Whomever...
Tags: torture, war, warcrime

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