drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Somewhat awkward question...

So In the mail, I got this email fromt the GOP talking about:
Putting the Republican party on the Path To Victory
Ok, on which front?

When we are talking about running a strong campaign, does this mean that we should be running on some sort of actual basis for being a political party? Or should we just keep dressing up in drag and pretend that the whole wonder of our Post-Surrealism is the way reality has always been?

Or, gosh, here is an Idea, we could organize well regulated marches....

You know, where the Valiant Holy Warriors of the Karl Rove Flying Saucer Korp and their Prayer Warrior Satraps, march in unison showing how much they have always supported the party, as both devoute party loyalists and as mere party apparachniki!!! ESPECIALLY in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn baby jesus.

You know something that was really stirring.

Then we could cap it off by burning a whole bunch of computers and the bloggers of leftist bloggistan who were using them as God Hating America Bashers....

Why that would send the clear and compelling message that we were going to win the Counter Insurgency against all of the Unbelievers, and that this time there would be no Richard Nixon "Peace With Honor", and we were going to go on reducing taxes until there was total victory!!!
Tags: war

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