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Speaking Of Stabbing The Troops In The Back For Day Planner Failures..

How about this piece of novelty:
A little-noticed court case in Florida threatens to undermine the arrangement under which some 150,000 private contractors provide security and backup for the U.S. in war zones. Representatives of Blackwater and other U.S. private contractors operating in Iraq and Afghanistan tell TIME that the Bush Administration has just missed a deadline to put its views on record in the case. As a result, they say nothing is being done to protect their interests in the Florida lawsuit, which could eventually end up in the Supreme Court. This despite President Bush's public encouragement for the what he has described as the indispensable role of U.S. contractors overseas.

The Florida case concerns three American servicemen killed in the crash of an aircraft owned by Blackwater Aviation in Afghanistan. Relatives of the men are suing the company for what could amount to millions of dollars in damages. Many of the issues raised by the case could have important implications for all contractors at work in Iraq. The Blackwater aircraft, designated "flight 61," had been transporting U.S. personnel and munitions when it went down on Nov. 27, 2004, killing the three servicemen as well as the company-provided flight crew. A series of U.S. government reviews has said that errors committed by the staff of Blackwater Aviation were responsible for the deaths, a conclusion that the company disputes.

[ cf Blackwater's Florida Court Woes ( emphasis mine ) ]
I mean, did the president really mean to say, by not saying, that he holds that some how the welfare queens in the american armed forces should be Elevated to a Level where they held a legal standing on par with unborn persons who could sue Blackwater Army with the blessings only of the unborn baby jesus???

I mean what next???

Actually act like members of the american armed forces were real born persons????

I mean where will this sort of radical left wing extremism stop????

And to think that this is going on in Florida, the Home Of Governor Jeb Bush, the President's Presidential Bestist Friend, EVER, who has been doing such a wonderful job. I mean why hasn't Jeb sent in the 'save terry schaivo brigade' that was sooo successful in saving Terry from the Iranian Flying Saucers...
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