drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Faux News Hate Jesus, AND Freedom???

Were YOU shocked by this:
The splintering of prominent Christian conservatives over the Republican presidential contenders reflects a schism _ between the dogma of God, guns and gays and the desire to beat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Months of disagreement within this important GOP voting bloc culminated this week in a flurry of endorsements:

Televangelist Pat Robertson is backing Rudy Giuliani. Conservative Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas is supporting fellow Sen. John McCain of Arizona. Moral Majority co-founder Paul Weyrich is going for Mitt Romney.

All the candidates are flawed in the eyes of the Christian right, which is why some evangelical leaders are holding out and might favor a third-party candidate.

[ cf Analysis: Right Splinters on GOP Field ]
And not one mention of BushCheney2008, I mean what is with that???

I mean how many folks already knew that "Ambiguosly Pat" was, well always about pat robertson, and, so, well, now that he has actually come out in favor of our favorite Drag Queen Giuliani, that, well, gosh, this is just more of the same old expected Stab The Troops In The Back from the Radical Left Wing Gay Marriage only Extremists!!!

That the so called Moral Majority co-founder opted against Christianity, and Moral Purity, and Biblical Literalism to back some Radical Religious Cultist who is clearly not in the actual main stream american white christian america, but one of those dangerous cults, is, well, gosh, just to be expected that the sort of Moral Preverts from th so called Moral Majority have always been stabbing the troops in the back because they were not willing to support the president to support the troops....

But does this justify the Radical Left Wing Extremist God Hating America Bashers over at Faux News to continue their Jihaud against White Christian America simply because they want to be more in the Main Stream Liberal Media Stabbing Our Troops In The Back because they are unwilling to support the president to support the troops...

Now more than ever americans must decide if they are going to back BushCheney2008, or are they just stabbing the troops in the back because they hate Jesus???
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