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More FreeMarkettering Than Thou....

Hey Kids, catch this wonder of the Gloriously Victgoriously Successful Victory of the Free Market System over the moral degeneracy of decadent liberalism:
In a rare rebuke, a bar association has criticized a judge for refusing to uphold sexual assault charges against a man accused of letting friends rape a prostitute he had hired. The judge said she considered the case ''theft of services.''

Municipal Judge Teresa Carr Deni heightened the furor when she defended her decision to a newspaper. ''She consented and she didn't get paid,'' Deni told the Philadelphia Daily News. ''I thought it was a robbery.''

Deni also told the newspaper that the case ''minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped.''

Dominique Gindraw was accused of ordering the accuser at gunpoint to have sex with three men, but Deni dismissed the rape and sexual assault charges Oct. 4. She upheld conspiracy, robbery, false imprisonment and other charges against Gindraw.
Carol Tracy, executive director of the Philadelphia-based Women's Law Project, called Deni's comments ''a throwback to the Middle Ages, when rape was a crime against property, not against a person.''

[ cf Judge Decried in Prostitute Rape Case ]
Hey kids, where are we going today???

Ah yes... Remind me again why going back to the happier time of Middle Ages is not a gooder time to be marching forward to victory towards....

I mean, isn't that why we are trying to win the Holy Crusade Against Godless Heathenisms....
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