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Black Robed Judicial Tyrannical Jihaudista's continue WAR ON CHRISTIANITY!!!

Security was tight Monday as a Kansas woman appeared in Sarpy County Court to answer charges that she mutilated a flag and put her child in danger while protesting at the funeral of a Bellevue soldier.

Although the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office prepared for a possible protest by members of the Westboro Baptist Church, to which Phelps-Roper belongs, none materialized. Shirley Phelps-Roper, 50, came into the courthouse in the company of just a few family members and her attorney to push for more specifics on the charges she faces.
The pretrial hearing centered on a defense motion requesting that the prosecution describe in detail the specific facts that support the charges, which include disturbing the peace, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and negligent child abuse.

Her attorney, Bassel El-Kasaby, argued that without specifics on what actions broke the law in each case and who was victimized he can't prepare his case.

[ cf Protestor appears in court ]

I mean who can doubt that this is just MORE of the same old persecution by God Hating America Bashers who are not willing to support the transfer of tax liabilities unto the Unborn Baby Jesus!!!!!

No seriously folks.


should we be allowing the sort of absurdist cases where the police are allowed to detain and persecute folks simply because they do not conform to the standards of the percieved appropriate methods for being bored with the unifiedTwoPartySystem that has brought us our Modern Malaise and nihilism about how it is so irrelevant what happens....

Today it is the wacky religious FruitBats, but tomorrow, what if it is you they are detaining for reasons of protecting the Most Holy Tax Cuts!!!!
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