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Why does the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets HATE Freedom???

I was just shocked that they so do not like the Free Market System that they would consider this a problem:
U.S. Republican Fred D. Thompson said Sunday that he was unaware of his closest advisors on his campaign having criminal records for selling cocaine and marihuana.
Philip Martin, 49 pleaded guilty in 1979 for selling 11 pounds of marihuana, according to the Sunday edition of Washington Post. The court withheld judgement-pending completion of his probation. In 1983 he did not contest the charges with violation of his probation and cocaine trafficking and conspiracy and he was continued on probation.

[ cf Candidate Fred Thompson Unaware of his Advisor’s Past ]
Hey, it's like 11 pounds of dope, or about $5,500 worth of smoke, in 1979 dollars, at the general middle tier wholesale value, with discount for volume purchasing. It is so clearly NOT a really big deal like he were selling Crack to white people.

Where this does get problematic is with:
As of November, Hamilton County, Tenn. records show that four of Martin's former businesses owe a total of more than $940,000 in overdue taxes and interest to the county, with some debts dating back to 1999. Nearly $860,000 is owed by Soil Restoration, a firm Martin helped run, according to the Washington Post. Four Seasons Technologies, of which Martin was a vice chairman and part owner, owes $4,200. M & M Holdings, which the Washington Post confirmed Sunday was a Martin concern, owes more than $7,000. Alternative Fuels, LLC, a Martin business located at the same address and suite number as Four Seasons, owes more than $71,000.

More than a dozen states have also filed dozens of liens against Martin's former businesses.

[ cf Tax Debts Follow Drug-Dealing Thompson Fundraiser ]

What is the Singularly Most Important THING in a time of tax trasnferrance unto the unborn baby jesus but the true holy faith in the true tax assessing that comes with the wonder of america for americans freed from the dark horror of the Evil Liberal media meat puppets who fail to support the president to support the troops so that they can impose their God Hating Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Only Initiatives!!!!

Clearly americans must turn from this darkness and embrace BushCheney2008 as they, and they alone, can tell the true divine path that is the Open Road To Total Victory in the Most Gloriously Successful Way!!!
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