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Worth The Price of Admission...

well volks, yes, one should not be writing book reports on books one has only partially read - but having wandered through 'not quite the golden age', and now into the scary part, I must recommend that folks pull their heads out of their Methane Ports and start thinking about the realism of Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life.

What I find soooo amusing is the unpleasant thought moment, since he views the need for the container ships for transporting all of that Junk to Cam Rahn Bay, yes boys and girls, gosh, it would seem that maybe McCarthy was right. The Evil Red Hordes were hiding in the government, and they decided that we had to do 'thatVietnamThingie' as a way to shift from the old style freight haulage to the new school....

And being spawns of the Global Red Hordes, these freight haulers did not want to dead head home from vietnam, so they paused in Japan, and picked up containers of stuff.....

And with that, the orientation of the global economy skewed to the current configuration, where there are global players who are working on the reality check that the costs of moving containerised stuff around keeps dropping through the floor, and the concomitant costs of transferrring the information is also dropping, with a growing threat that the 'transparency of the market' may be just a bit of googling, and thinking, and working the data....

So remind me again, why was the old paradigm that much gooder than the current one???

CLEARLY, as we all remember, that failed cultural malaise brought us all of those Bad People, and the really scary ones who were supporting the need to turn the west coast ports into container freight haulers....

Unlike the Patriotic Americans who knew that it was all a part of the Evil Red Chinese Plot....
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