drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nice Republican girls....

... have an appropriate sense of decorum.

They do not come over, trash your digs, and then whine about 'too many orgasms' over dinner.

If anything, they are witty, erudite and urbane, and would probably have politely commented
You know, "Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgender" by Pat Califia offers an interesting perspective on Modern Literature and it's impact on the private conduct of the citizenry. Which I believe we should continue to do an appropriate research and analysis of the deconstructabble frameworks.
As this shows a firm commitment to literature, contemporary issues, the requisite understanding that not all things need to be pushed into everyone's face.

And yes, before my whiney evil liberal friends start whining. Yes, I know that was written back in 1997. But just because YOUR TYPE wants to go running off into the 21st Century is no reason for us to follow. We are having a jolly good time maintaining our bridges forward from the 19th Century; thank you very much.


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