drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can Christianists Be Nice People...

Here is an ugly thought experiment for, oh, say HanoiAnnie Coulter, and friends, what do they do with Nikodemous since as a Phrarisee of the Sanhedrin ( you know, the Taliban of their day, and all that.... ( I shall leave it to the dogmatists to worry about the niggling details about when a given terrorist clique of armed thugs becomes a legitimate government? After they abandon their articles of confederacy for a Federalist Backed Constitution? Or when they build and Imperial Capital on a neutral ground. I'm Easy... )

Are we suppose to majikally leap that he was actually really the Tammy Faye Baker of his day? Or, uh, could he have been as the text lists it, and no more than what the text lists, as one who is a decent person doing a decent thing??? Even IF he is going to burn in the Firey Pit Of HELL for the blood liable and all that jazz....

Oh if only these things were as simple as they seem...

( ok, so i had never heard of the 'nikodemous' of Tappan fame, nor the World Wrestling Hall of Fame one, so I presume that this will also work as a proof positive that Google is a Huge Demonic Ball Of Evil Ikky yukky Pooher, or some such.... )
Tags: religion, war

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