drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

How can, or should, one make distinctions between christianists and COE?

Let us remember that when we are looking at language like 'christianist' - especially in our 'modern', or more accurately, PostSurrealistModern, era, we need a working definition that conforms with the general problem of it's conceptual counterpart, the non-distinctions within Islam, about who is on whom's side.

I have always found it amusing that for the last fourty years the neoConClownCarCrew loved to lump all of the 'liberals' - anyone who was not them, into the same bucket. Hence an actual republican who felt that the law in america was still legal, were on the same groun and footing as Abbie Hoffman.

So I am just trying to help the nice folks understand that I am more than willing to work with this very interesting implementation of 'no excluded middle' - where here are only two nodes - Good, EVIL!

Who knows, maybe some day we as americans may decide if we want mmore than a one bit world.
Tags: religion

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