drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Most Vibrant Economy Ever, Never Mind THE DEFEATIST CIVILIANS

Yesterday the Great War Hero And Military Victor of the Great Holy Crusade Against Demonic Revisionism, Great Party Leader Bernanke gave up a 25 bip dip in the thingus of Pooh Ranking, and the market had factored in a 50 bip move, and this morning the market is down a mere 200+ points to an All Time Most Stunningist Greatest Surgtasticalist Surgiest DOW Number, that is Numerical And Numerological, of 13,716 - which clearly is the Greatest Most Surgtasticalist Surgiest DOW Number that there could ever BE!!!

How fortunate for americnas that they live in such a happy land, discounting of coursethe DEFEATIST CIVILIANS who are constantly doubting the greatness Of Great Leader....

Always remember boys and girls:
Trading curbs, which prevent a massive selloff in the market, remained active on the New York Stock Exchange after going into effect just after the market opened.
[ cf Stocks submarined by Citi, Exxon ]
Always fun for the freeMarketeers to done their Mickey Mouse Ears, and ask
Me Worry?
since of course they NEVER believed in the EVIL of excessive regulatory intervention into the majikal Marvels of the Free Market System and the Invisible Foote of the FreeThingiesStuff.

Besides, why worry, Nuclear Merchantilism will always Work!!! Because Jesus gave us Nukes.
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