drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

It is time to free ourselves from The DEFEATISTS CIVLIANISTS

Angry US diplomats lashed out yesterday against a State Department plan that would send them to Iraq against their will, with one likening it to "a potential death threat" and another accusing the department of providing inadequate care to diplomats who have returned home traumatized.

At a rare, contentious meeting, foreign service officers told senior State Department officials that the move to fill vacancies in Baghdad puts them in danger, jeopardizes the well-being of their families, and could deplete the ranks of those willing to serve overseas at a critical time. Several diplomats said privately they would resign rather than accept orders to serve in Iraq. The president of their union pointed out that about 2,000 State Department personnel have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, greatly taxing the ranks of the 11,000-member core.

"We have had four years of people volunteering to Iraq, and as the size of the mission has increased, demand has outstripped supply," said John Naland, president of the American Foreign Service Association, in an interview after the meeting.

[ cf Diplomats angry over forced posts in Baghdad ]

Evil Civilianists Stabbing Our Great Leader in the back with their Treasonous Traitorous Ticklish Tacineff of unfriendliness, in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn!!!! ( which we all know is the Extra Special Case Condition here), about working in places that are every day in some new way more Gloriously Victoriously Successfully The Blissed Out Gardens Of Happineff And Hallelujah Chourusing.

I mean don't the folks at the State Department keep track of all of the Great News that comes out of Iraq and the Glorious Military Victories of the State Department's own Imperial Republican Guard!!!!!

Off With Their Head and a Public Mass BURNING of all of their Families and Friends who may be infected with the DEMONIC POSESSIONS and Sickness Of Defeatism!!!! It is a Matter of National Security Public Health Strategic Defense Initiative Against Treason, Traitors, Fifth Columnists, Rumour Mongers and Defeatists!!!!

Only by quarnetining those who are infected, and putting them to the fire, can we PURGE the Nation of these Demonic Zombie Gay HomoZeXual Types!!!!

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