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Why We Need MORE Secret Trials!!!!

How Many TIMES have we tried to explain to americans that in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the unborn Jesus gives special additional extra powers, such as the right of the state to prosecute whom they wish, 'in camera' - literally!!! after stuffing the accussed into a camara, they will be tried, quickly, and found guilty. I mean, when you crush a person down to fit into the remaining space in a digital camara, you KNOW that jesus was not backing them.

But here is what happen if you fall into the Demonic Trap Of The Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners who have abandoned the Holy Crusade
A Spanish judge on Wednesday found Moroccan Jamal Zougam and Spaniard Emilio Trashorras guilty in his first rulings over the Islamist bombings of Madrid trains on March 11, 2004.
Reading out a summary which preceded the verdicts and sentencing, the judge said there was no evidence that ETA rebels had been involved in the attack.

The bombings reshaped Spanish politics as voters spurned a conservative government that at first blamed the Islamist attack on ETA.

[ cf Judge finds two guilty of Madrid bombings> ]
Wouldn't happen in MeriKa!!!!

If they ballyHoo'd that they had caught a "dirty bomber" who was going to explode Nuclear SHOE BOMBS!!! You know full well that the government would have the evidence not only to back that up, but to get the conviction in a court of Law!!!!
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