drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Special DOD Police Squad

The Pentagon's latest strategy review proposes a new military unit that would prevent the transfer of weapons of mass destruction from states such as North Korea and Iran to terrorist groups, The Washington Times reported on Friday.
The Times said the Pentagon review stated that a core element of the new joint task force would be the Army's 20th Support Command, which would become a rapid deployment unit "to command and control WMD elimination missions by 2007."

"They will possess an expanded ability to locate, tag and track dangerous individuals and other high value targets globally," the review was quoted as saying.

[ cf reuters ]
Will they be required to do better than the recent Iraqi WMD mission?

Or is the real purpose here, the part about doing snatch and grabs.

And will they be used domestically against americans who may not be patriotically correct enough...
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