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Fugglier than the Oopsie Itself???

An Evil Liberal friend sent me the blog entry Very Interesting comment on the B 52 nuclear "incident" and the singularly scariest horror in the whole set up to the discussion in the mythology:
The B-52 incident and the dozens of men who have researched it has illustrated the struggle at the highest levels of our government. PC apostate, I am of the opinion that other than 52,000,000 gun owners, the only thing that stands between us and slavery are our armed forces and, more importantly, the senior officers.
( op cit )

what happened to say, oh, law and order, and gosh, the voters.

When we are now openly resting our hopes on the 'Junkers' and the various Frei Korp Operations, I REALLY gotta wonder which side of the line these people are going to be having their Xmas With The Steel Helmets, and whether or not it is still safe to have a Menorah, or, well, anything that might hold the wrong number of CANDLES.

Ah yes, now we get the fun, the Journalism IS Treason
The officer in charge of vetting articles for the Military Times also committed treason for releasing a story with national security implications. It is simply not done. Neither of these two men felt their careers were in danger by taking this action...why? They were ORDERED to do so.
( op cit )
WHAT???? TREASON On Order....

uh dudes, my friends in the air force security teams will get emotionally traumatized by
That B-52 cannot be on the ground without a Marine security detail and global tracking devices on the cruise missiles meant that central command knew exactly where they were.
( op cit )
Now do not get me wrong, there are environments in which JarHEADS are the cause of your days dysfunctionality, but unless the whole world has gone wonky, they are not the only organization in the keeping things where they belong Biz... ( cf Air_Force_Security_Forces - nice kids, really, last one I knew was inclined to say warm and reassuring things like, "No Honest, if they get you, we'll get him for you..." { team building talk for those outside the trade. } And yes, there was that time at NASA WHEN HE WENT BAT WANKY ON ME, it seems he was not clear on why I would use the brevit code for sappers inside the wire merely because the FBI WAS locking the place down, and it would be ever so charming if he could get on site a bit early, as we might be up our Methane Ports in paper work with the nice SearSuckerSuitBrigade.... but that is another story... still, they are nice kids, nicer than JarHeads.... )

and now the silly bit
I must only say that it could not have occurred without the knowledge of the vice president. He is the "man" responsible for this defense related activity for the executive branch. Numerous "executive orders" have been passed in the last six years that have transferred a great deal of power over military affairs to the office of the Vice President.
( op cit, emphasis in original)
One can not hand over, one can delegate the task, one can not delegate the responsibility, no matter how many WarCzars the WarPresident wants to put between him and the consequences of his personal responsibility. So IF the Veep has broken the law, it is a problem he has to face and address, AND that lands not safely in his lap, but up the chain to the person who delegated the task work to him.

So while it may well be that the Veep and the JCS WERE once again in their Primary Gender Identification Organ Occelation Analysis Process Modelling, that is not something that is derivable from the text.

Given the unpleasant issues IN the text itself, this is not what works ffor me as a reassuring piece either way. Clearly if the Veep has engaged in criminal conduct, then that MUST BE ADDRESSED. But this means that we need to work out where the actual failure occurred. Never ascribe to malice when mere incompetence will suffice....

I can empathise with the concern that this IS a scary thought about the Christianists following through on their apocalpytic visions from the Air Force Academy, but we should not leap to comedy merely because we lack an actual concern for the issue itself.

I will be interested in better analysis and better information. It worries me also that IF the president has been offloading his responsibilities and this incident was one more way of reassuring us that we hade the best brownie available... it soooo is not making me feel safer.
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