drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of Stephen Colberts's New Civic Action Plan....

... but isn't he suppose to take over the government before making all of these jokes:
The Bush administration said it had spent $43.5 billion on spying in fiscal 2007, as it bowed on Tuesday to a law ordering disclosure of a figure the government has kept secret for most of the past 60 years.

"Disclosure of the amount of the budget is a good first step toward accountability," said Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, which has campaigned for publication of the annual intelligence budget.
The $43.5 billion is about what outside experts had expected, Aftergood said, and is about 50 percent more than the government is believed to have spent in 2001.

"That's a large increase in spending that is difficult to spend wisely," Aftergood said. He said the figure does not include an estimated $10 billion or more in military intelligence spending.

[ cf Spy budget, at $43.5 billion, is no secret now ]
Remind me where they blew that budget again???

Uh, now that we have a radical increase in how to shift tax payer's dollars to the friends of Brownie&Friends, uh, should americans care about this new welfare programme, and that, well, gosh, like the whole failure of the Homeland Security, that, is well, not keeping the heimat safe from the ferrign devils, since there are americans who actually put tobasco sauce on FOOD!!! showing that they are Demonic Underlings of FerrignDevils who are NOT AT ALL AMERICAN!!!

Now more than ever americans must Return to Blood and Soil, so that they can be Blood and Iron, and Irony Blood, as they can be!!!

You know, for the kids!!!

Ok, so I have to ask. I wonder how much of the so called intelligence budget is getting, well, 'blown' at Helga's House Of Pain where, for a little extra, one can truly enjoy the intelligence gathering session.

And for even more dollars, she is willing to wear the Dick Cheney mask so you get more patriotic wood in it all.
Tags: torture, war, war_crimes

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