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Why Worry, Get Immunity...

WOW... how can there be any form of crime, when all it takes is Immunity Grantors
(Releads with State, Pentagon agreement)
Efforts to prosecute guards involved in the incident could be complicated by a grant of limited immunity offered by State Department investigators, U.S. officials also said on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates met on Tuesday to discuss a working group's recommendations to give the U.S. military "considerably more involvement in contractor operations," the Pentagon said.

[ cf US to tighten rules for Iraq contractors ]
WOW!!! I feel so much safer knowing that Reuter's News service is restructuring their journalism like products to comply with state department and defense department desires.

Why gosh, not since the last round of indemnifying folks, has there ever been this SurgeTastical A Surge of Imdenification so that we can be protected from the growing threat that folks would consider that american law were legal in America For Americans!!!

So that folks do not have to cheat, and peek, and gosh, who knows how those lead paragraphs may change by the time folks check next, here is what the Improved New Data was
The Pentagon and U.S. State Department have agreed to tighten rules governing private security contractors in Iraq, giving a greater oversight role to the U.S. military, officials said on Tuesday.

The proposed changes emerged from a review triggered by a shooting incident in Baghdad last month in which security guards from U.S. security firm Blackwater, working for the State Department, are accused of having killed 17 Iraqis.

{ op cit }

WOW, now the DOD would be responsible for vetting which illegal alien armed combatant were allowed to kill whom within which area of WhatNeff??? Clearly a much more forward movement progess in progression of progressing towards a progress what will satisfactorially reform the reformation of reforming.

But what am I worrying about, these are the veritable bastion of radical left wing extremist revolving doors of justice where nothing really matters and no one really is responsible for anything they say, or do, let alone whom they accidentally kill, drunk or sober, so why not just Party ON WarDudes!!!

Thank god it is not like any actually living americans care about the reputation of the government's welfare programme for people who can not afford to own their own weapons range. I mean, GOD protected that sport for a reason and the government has an obligation to allow folks to have a chance to Kill For Jesus, or they would, well, heavens we would not want to think what could happen if those folks were deprived of their constitutionally protected right to kill for jesus....

Why Shucky Darns, they might have to live like ordinary americans, and comply with actual american laws, customs, and traditions. Even if that meant giving up on the fun of warcrimes for the whole family. Why not try something a bit more old fashion, like reading books around the candle light, or the fire in the fireplace, rather than trying to always teach the kids how to do night map co-ordinate problems while dropping mortar fire on top of the folks living down the lane.... EVEN if that means that the kids may not get the HolyJesusMortarMan Award for their sixth grade home schooling class....

Oh well, who knows, by now those two paragraphs may have been re-written by the folks at FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, showing that there have always been secret sinister sleeper sells that have been engaged in the terrorist acts of phoney press conferences, and that it was this that the blackwater army was attacking earlier today as total glorious victory over the Sinister Sleeper Cells was Victoriously Won Gloriously in the 13th Battle of the Sleep Easy Mattress Factory.

I mean it could happen. but probably not till they improve the choco-rations.
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