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But Thugs HELP Journalists Understand the Technical Bits.

I'm laughing, but only because it's easier than crying. One of the things that has obviously worked very well on the press in recent years has been sheer, thuggish intimidation. When they aren't in actual agreement, they are clearly frightened.
"Don't tase me bro" could be the DC press corps' motto. As you can see, it works very well. After a while you don't even have to do anything --- taming the press corps now is as easy as simply threatening to deny them access. The people who don't comply tend to be the older guys like Seymour Hersh, who have become immune, and certain younger, iconoclastic types who are just temperamental rebels. A real tasering may be required for them at some point.

[ cf Thank You Sir, May I Have Another? ]
Hopefully more journalists will come to understand the security needs of the nation.

Especially what could happen to their sons and daughters, were journalists to stray from the True Holy Path of Purification in the Blinding Light Of Great Leader!!!!'

The article also cites
"I am a far more reasoned individual than I was a short while ago, and the reasoned response of the university has helped me a great deal," Meyer wrote.

Shorter version: He loves Big Brother.
[ cf "Don't tase me, bro" future journalist shocked into a life of submission ]
Ah yes.... a cure.

Isn't it gooder to know that we have found a cure for unamericanims in our life time.
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