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Why We Are Clearly WINNING IN IRAN!!!!

The dollar is on the slide and, in Europe and elsewhere, some people think it’s a deliberate policy by the United States to regain its competitiveness and reduce its yawning trade deficit. But U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson insists that ain’t so. The United States is “strongly committed to a strong dollar,” he said. Speaking at FORTUNE’s Global Forum in New Delhi this morning, he reiterated that a strong dollar “is in the U.S. interest.” At the same time, he said that it was up to financial markets to determine currency rates, and cited the recent appreciation of the Indian rupee against the dollar.

It was a brief comment, and he didn’t explain what - if anything - the U.S. is actually doing to support this strong-dollar stance. The dollar has slid 8.5% against the euro this year, and has dropped to parity against the Canadian dollar, a 33-year low. That has given a boost to U.S. exports. But it has caused growing concern in European and other countries with stronger currencies, who fear their competitiveness is being unfairly impaired.

The U.S. has historically preferred to sit back and let markets set its currency exchange rate - but there is a precedent for concerted action to change the dollar’s value. In 1985, the U.S. worked out a deal with France, Germany, Japan and the U.K. to devalue the dollar after it had risen to a record level.

[ quoting Paulson: ‘U.S. strongly committed to strong dollar’ (emphasis mine) ]
Given that this is the long winded form of
John Has A Long Moustache
that is used a signal in both the movie 'the longest day' ( with JOHN WAYNE, moment of hallowed praise ) as well as in the All Time True American Classic Military Heroic Victorious Victory Movie Red Dawn all true Patriotic Americans undrestand that Once Again the great war Hero Henry Paulson has lead the Ongoing GLORIOUS MILITARY VICTORY OVER IRAN!!!!

Can there be any doubt about the Total Military Victories that Are Victorious Glorious and Gloriously Victorious in a Successfully Victorious sort of Victoriously SuccessfulNeff!!!

All Hail Great Leader For Keeping AMERICA american!!!

And Protecting Us From THE GAY HOMOZEXUALS!!!!
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