drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

A small film angst...

It struck me the other evening, that with the "Indiana Jones" and "Mummy" series of movies, there has been a small restorationist revival of the fun of the "thirties film". Being a fan of the classical horror, drawing room murder mysteries, and many of the things that are 'the b-movie' schedule, but the films that we all just love to hang out and catch on a hair down day....

What does the Red Hollywood Propoganda of the 30's really tell us, as americans, about our selves. Or is the really scary part here, that the films were merely the miracle of the moment, in which the sudden arrival of sound to film, and then more portable camara, an opening up of a new technology for story telling, and we should not impose any sort of analysis of Red Hollywood for the Sort of MainForce Destruction Of Our White Christian America.

Or, we could argue the case the other way around, and that as a Part of the Make America American Act, we need to do the sort of Patriotic Analysis of what sorts of Cultural Warfare the Terrorists In Red Hollywood are doing that Causes GOD to judge them for their demonic activities, and hence oblige god to destroy both the wicked and the innocent alike, because the Innocent accidentally live in the same area as those who must be burned out to purify the land!!!

( in these more patriotic times, it is important to make sure that one remains on the Side of Truth, Justice, and the God Fearing All Ameican Patriotic Red Blooded Throbbing And Tumultously Turbid Turgid Rigidity Of The Divine Will!!!! Or the Terrorists Will Come Back.... )

What I would be most interested in is the image of america that americans really got from those films, as well as the image that Ferrign Devils got of america, and our belief system, based upon the films of the 30's. I worry that there is an elitist sentiment in them, while at the same time, there is also this sort of 'everyman' egalitarianism that smarms through the films as if the 'elites' have their obligations to the maintenance of the american way of life, just like all of the rest!!!

But I am just not sure about them.
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