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I should thank jakeinhartsel for the tweek, since, well, I grew up reading in PP&E ( Politics, Philosophy and Economics ) and as such view the three as a working group - or a triad, or a trinity, when it comes to the space of what had once been known as mere "political/moral philosophy".

Which is also to say, that the reading list is that old, since yes, once upon a time an american citizen was inclined to have read not only the founding father's but also the intellectual framework within which they both grew up, as well as how those fields have moved on down the trail. ( it is also great for such trivia as when did Parliment pass an act to outlaw the common law 'trial by combat' - and more importantly, does the idea of outlawing 'common law' results make meaningful sense in our american culture? )

Granted that classical trinity does suggest that this is a NON-RELIGIOUS posturing, and that in some way, the whole idea of a Secular Government is clearly outside of Canon Law ( and yes, I think it was a Freudian Teddy and Suspenders that for the longest amount of time I miswrote that as Cannon Law - since of course, well, what better form of Truth than massed artillery to help folks come to Jesus??? ).

It might therefore be fun to take a bit of time and argue the general case for why the process of "political science" will need to understand and be addressed in a trinitarian place, in which we will also add to it the fields of Philosophy ( on the political side ) and Economics, since pragmatically it will be what will offer us the best means of analysis by some reasonable form of metric, and hence a bit of the impetus towards 'science' and not merely to the Orthodoxy of Ideological PURITY OF ESSENCE!!!

{ and yes, you existentialists can now go snicker in the corner. }

The second part of the process would be the generalized argument in favor of the proposition:
Democracy Needs Capitalism.
But Capitalism does not Need Democracy.
The later premise seems to be self evidently true, as we have seen in Italy, China, and the various other law free zones where the sort of No-Bid Contracts have opened up a veritable Free Market in goods and services at the price the market will bear, even if the EVIL DEMONIC LIBERALS get all fruffy about mere graft and corruption. Why should they be upset that in the absence of law, there can be no real regulatory oversight, and hence that the prices will be what the market will bear - including whether or not one gets shipped to GitMo!!!

Don't the Liberals Understand, that without Totally Unfettered Free Markets The Iranian Flying Saucers Will Return!!!!

So obviously what will be needed will be a reasonable explanation as to how the notion of Capitalism can exist in a world without Angels, and yet take us any place, such as Bedford Falls, of It's a Wonderful Life (1946) without the obligation to ultimately and fatalistically arrive at the Imfamous Potterville.

Which amusingly puts the whole question of Religious v. Secular determinism into play in the process here, since we will need to address the questions of 'economics' in the Canonical Systems of Divine Laws.... As well as the problems that come of the evils of a Demonically Posessed Central Economy of Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombies. ( one can not be too careful you know, there are economists who are very scared of the idea that Regulatory Oversight in any form is anything but the Rising Of Satan, so let us not scare them yet with the Gross Fear that in an adult world there may be reasonable means of asserting reasonable limits. )

Who knows, we may be able to work out some basic plans for what america will be like, IF americans opt to retreat back to the land of mere law and order, and away from the Heroric Military Heroism Of the Victoriously Glorious Manly Male Masculine Throbbing And Tumultous Turgid Tubor Of TRUTH in a Manly Masculine Military Model of Masculine Manliness!!!

Or maybe that chance has come and left.
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