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What is there to worry about???

Hey, wow.... What is the Issue?
Iraq's cabinet today approved a law to remove private security firms' immunity from prosecution in Iraq, in response to the shooting of 17 civilians by Blackwater USA agents last month, a government spokesman said.
The move came as a senior US law enforcement official warned that a state department pledge of immunity could render any US prosecution of Blackwater staff impossible.

"The cabinet has approved a law that will put non-Iraqi firms and those they employ under Iraqi law," Ali al-Dabbagh told Reuters.

[ cf Iraq tackles foreign guards' immunity ]
Why not grant immunity to all of the factions, wouldn't that be simpler????

You know, indemnify the Secretary of State, the CIA, the DOD, and any other part or branch of the Unified Executive, but not those Demonic Congressional Folks, who are clearly all engaged in supporting enemies of the state in a time of transferring tax liabilities unto the Unborn!!!! And we SOOOOOO know how the founding fathers held the time of transferring tax liabilities unto the Unborn as a Very Special Time!!! More special than even Weasel Stomping Day!!!

I mean, what if the Iraqi decide that killing an iraqi citizen in an iraqi prison by an american 'intelligence person' - whether or not they were a dues paying union card carrying member of the american military - was worth more than a mere 5 months in Prison and the BCD???

I mean, we can go back and start bombing other sections of iraq to show them how much we disapprove of their failure to support our american way of life....

Besides, as we know, given the need for the Planet to Right Size it's population with a major die off, why worry about which means and methods God Uses to impose the Natural Order of things???? Clearly our American Troops are Natural, hence they are a part of the Natural Order, hence clearly they are What God Use's, and thus they are Divine, and MUST be exempted from the mere laws of mortal man.
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