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Scary Book Mixes....

Well, yes, I did pick up The End of America by Naomi Wolf in part because of the ranting....

Ok, so I really have a problem with play pretend conservatrives who will pimp the line
My Mother Drunk Or Sober
as I have some concerns about their sobriety issues... What I find amusing is the giggler line
9. Dissent equals treason This is a favorite canard of the left, but it's self-refuting. Liberals always claim to be afraid of prosecution for speaking truth to power, yet they do it anyway, and nothing ever happens to them as a result. If anything, we've probably gone too far in the other direction where actual treason is simply shrugged off as another form of dissent.
[ cf We're Becoming A Fascist Society? How Ridiculous. ]
Folks really should introduce the psuedo intellectuals of the psuedo conservative movment to things like Bertrand Russell's Set Theory Trick,
Some sets, such as the set of all teacups, are not members of themselves. Other sets, such as the set of all non-teacups, are members of themselves. Call the set of all sets that are not members of themselves "R." If R is a member of itself, then by definition it must not be a member of itself. Similarly, if R is not a member of itself, then by definition it must be a member of itself. Discovered by Bertrand Russell in 1901, the paradox has prompted much work in logic, set theory and the philosophy and foundations of mathematics.
[ cf Russell's Paradox ]
Since it is clearly bad form to express the gambit of 'dissent equals treason' in the same paragraph that one is alleging thaty well, gosh, there is no such thing, and this is the evil tactic of the evil liberals who are all traitors aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of tax transferrence unto the unborn....

Since, well, gosh, it looks sooooo funny.

And yes, for jakeinhartsel, and his uncertainty about the relationship of democracy and capitalism, I also picked up Robert Reich's Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life, which amusingly has been a part of the larger STAB OUR TROOPS IN THE BACK of Supercapitalism Is Undermining the Moral Foundations which comes from Harvard Law School, where clearly, as a part of the True Dominionists, will hopefully return to the true religious quest for the true morality.... ok, when one is willing to cite the author of Coup d' Etat A Practical Handbook:
The economist Edward Luttwak states this principle simply: "I believe that one ought to have only as much market efficiency as one needs, because everything that we value in human life is within the realm of inefficiency - love, family, attachment, community, culture, old habits, comfortable old shoes."
( op cit Moral Foundations )
in a discussion of Super Capitalism, well, uh, one or more of the cats are really out of the bag, eh no???

I mean, that article is now six years OLD, in fact it comes from a time before the WHOLE WORLD CHANGED, as it was promulgated back in 03/09/2001 - and, well, I guess that means it is nothing but god hating stab the troops in the back american bashing, the sort of Anti-Intellectualism that allows mere reasoning of mere mortals to rise above the Divine WILL....

But before we step away from this, it will be amusing to keep this whole sub text of how Super Capitalism is a threat to the Moral Foundation, since, well, clearly Nuclear Mercantilism has not yet been disproven, and of course all true patriotic americans support the president, and do not engage in the Treason of doubting the MORAL PURITY of Nuclear Mercantilism, and that we must free americans from the wishy washy civilian panderings of a Bernanke, when it is time to step up to the plate and WIN!!!

The third book is the now very antique book Anti-intellectualism_in_American_Life by Richard Hofstadter, ( and yes kids, you will want to take the side adventure into Charles_Beard as we do some wondering aloud about the other parts of american history, which, well, may not fit into the tradtional Ideological Horror of the Evil TheyThemThoseTypes who are not supporting the President's Divine Nulclear Merchantilism.

But I think between the 3 of them we will be able to keep ourselves amused about why we must win against the insurgents who are working so hard to deligitimize the rule of Great Leader, since only by the Rule of Great Leader, as manifested by the Divine Doctrine Of Divine Comedy....
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