drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Go forward strategy....

Right, there are three basic options I see Open:
  • Accept the Horror Of It All, and open drieuxidia as a 503(c)1 tax exempt Religious Experience
  • Embrace The HORROR, and open drieuxidia as a Not For Profit Political Action Committee to keep ReWinning the BushCheney2008 Campaign, and making sure that everyone understands that they have to buy our neat t-shirts, coffee cups, and the like, OR THE TERRORISTS WIN!
  • Open Up drieuxidia as a means by which we can have a boring dull pedantic academic environment to debate the classical canonical issues of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, in both the actual historical context, as well as the neuvo SlipStreamed verions that would have been the history, had it be the actual historical. Wherein we help defray the costs with a line of trendy neat novelty items at priced to move values. As well as a modicum of viable adverts>
Granted we might not want to opt in to any of that and will just want to go on as we have always, because only by keeping on keeping on will be be able to continue the Success Of Victory, and the Victory of Success....

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