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Just Say NO!!! To Really Bad Drugs...

"Jason knows everybody," said Yohn, who is director of adult ministries of Fellowship Community Church in Centennial.

"When I had no clue about something, I'd call him up and his big line was, 'I have a buddy.' "

He had a buddy in Air Force Special Ops, who provided recently declassified battle scenes from Afghanistan.

He also has a buddy in the Secret Service, a buddy with the Denver Police Department bomb squad and one with Denver's homicide division.

Elam also had a former college teammate who is a former Muslim, and knows another former Muslim from Iran now living in Texas.

He got more background for his book when he visited the Gaza Strip last year and got caught in a shootout.

And a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, this offseason to do missionary work provided even more insight.

So what is Monday Night Jihad?

"What I was hoping to do, and think I pulled off, was contrast Christianity with radical Islam and moderate Islam," Elam said.

And he purposely avoids demonizing anybody.

"If Osama bin Laden himself were to pick up this book and read it, I'd want him to say, 'Yeah, that's why I do what I do. That's how I justify, how I reconcile, that's what I believe.'

"I'm really trying to take people into the mind of this person as best I could and really show the why; not just what they believe, but the why."

[ cf Elam reflecting on a different chapter in his life (emphasis mine) ]
Why can't we all just be friends...

what the flying fnck by our most amused ronebofh who is trying to understand why we have football players writing novels with his pastor....

But let's ask the other part of the party here, gosh kids, what sort of Modern seXular Humanist would want to stay so unamericanly 'Neutral' as to not Demonize the Evil Liberals who are the reason that God has brought up the IslamoFascists as the Scurge of God to punish america for it's apostasy...

Well yes folks, we really need to get the hot new fresh stories about the hot new fresh stuff, you know, what really happened in the Pat Tillman MURDER CASE and how, well, gosh, yes, he was a singleton fatality in a non-combat event sequence, because, well he didn't believe in Jesus!!! As the One True And Only Savior who will be able to save our troops...

You see, this way folks will understand that under christianity, when we kill you because we Love Jesus, it's not like we hate you or anything, but that we want to send you to Heaven Sooner so that you can know the Love Of Jesus, and why we have to keep on Bombing To Win, because, well gosh guys, in a time of needing more man power to fight the Hun, the most important thing is to write a book...

Ah yes, the stoney moments of Life.....

Is there any better reason NOT to go for that Rocky Mountain High, when, well, one could be on the front line, becoming the Next Pat Tillman, as a heroic figure cut down in the Holy Crusades by demonic Forces Of Darkness...

But seriously, given the numbers of the 'left behind series' I mean think about what sort of cash cow one can create with a whole new Christianist Football Playing War Heroes from the comfort of the rear areas!!! What more american way of life to Punish the Unbelievers....

Why Gosh Kids, why not a Christian Punisher Graphic Novel Series.....
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