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Speaking Of Unamericanists

Over at the MojoWire we have a really long take Let There Be SLACK! which does a long quote of They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 as an ideologically aligned preface to citing Sit Down For The Constitution and the write up over at Taking It To the Streets: By Naomi Wolf; who just happned to have written the new book The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot....

Hum... if the first phase of any insurgency is to discredit and deligitimize the government, and the constitutional basis for that goverment, could it be that America, the land that brought you Stagflation, under Nixon, that economic crisis that could not happen, has once again stepped up to the plate and delivered the unexpected, a Government based upon the Politics of Deligitimizing Itself as the initial phase of the Insurgency to overthrow itself.

Now, yes, in any other place on Planet Earth it might be considiered a TAD ABSURD to think in those terms, but this is America!!! The land of the NeoConClownCarCrew and the various leaps of religious faith into the post-surrealist world, where, well, the best way to end the american way of life is to gain control of the government and then completely disestablish it as a viable idea!!!!

So that it becomes more and more acceptable to need a 'rescue' or 'intervention' to protect us from such evil liberal thoughts as the reign of law, and the rule of sulf government....

Ah yes, if only they would have been at least more politely american, and made this a musical.... We could all be doing the big musical dance number spectacular!!!

So maybe the alternative is that we start working on how to start dancing in the streets, before we have to start making a musical out of Street Fighting Man...
Tags: they_did_what, war

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