drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Another Fine FEMA Fiasco

Now folks, I don't mean to pile on in the midst of the current round of finger pointing and blame gaming. But I really feel obliged to note that even the new and Improved, Family Sized, and Special Sauce Added Federal Entertainment Marketting Administration so clearly missed the mark this morning during the commute.

I must confess that it was a really cool and groovie tie in with the commercial for the "E-Ring"; that new power cool TV show with Dennis "Easy Rider" Hooper as the really cool Col. doing the really cool DOD stuff at the Puzzle Palace. But to cut from that into an interview with the SF Gate: San Francisco Chronicle Reporter who is an embed with some Marine Unit on the Iraqi-Syrian Border did mostly fine right up to the major break down in OpSec ( Operational Security for you WarMongerBabyKillerWannaBe's ) about six seconds into the segment.

I mean it is bad enough that most of the nation forgets that there are still military style operations being conducted as a part of ThatIraqiThingiePoo; which is still not generating the sort of Ratings that Say Fox's New "Over There" show is doing. But of course no one wants to merely cancel ThatIraqiThingiePoo simply because it is getting bad ratings. But could the evil liberal media that were the drum beaters for WAR! who forced the president to adopt the cause of restoring the Iraqi Wetlands at least act as if they at least understood that when one is an EmBed with a Military Unit that could take hostile fire payzone tax deductions that there are still some OpSec Rules Worth Keeping!

I mean it was bad enough to give away the unit ID and it's TAOR - but to openly admit that the five traditional smuggling towns are still under the control of insurgents. Well that is simply Tacky! To Compound that with indicating that there are not enough troops available to liberate any of these insurgent towns, isn't really working with a plot development process towards a cliff hanger that is going to get the audience to toon in again. I mean it would have been a great step forward if the reporter had done a tie into some special super sekret military operations, Geraldo Style, that would be a breaking headline news, any day now, and a soon to be Made For TV Movie. But to indicate that the members of the military unit simply do not go close enough to those towns because they face excessive mortar and small arms fire that drives them back, that is, well, just not being positive about the situation.

Clearly FEMA needs to firm up the Entertainment Marketting Requirements so that the journalists will better understand how to properly market ThatIraqiThingiePoo in a more positive and productive manner! Don't folks understand that reporting to americans that their military forces in the field are out gunned by the insurgents on one of the main smuggling routes is just not the sort of Glamorization of the Military that will help move the ball down field to a more effective american psuedo fascist state!

Clearly it's time to move FEMA's Mandate into the department of homeland security where the marketting of entertainment and infotainment assets can be more effectively positioned to improve the ratings on ThatIraqiThingiePoo so that it becomes the Must See TV! And the merchandise from it becomes the Must Have toy set that just everyone is clammering for!

As I said, I don't mean to pile on, and I don't mean to finger point, or blame game, but really. Some one really has to do something about the way this whole ThatIraqiThingiePoo is marketted to americans.

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