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Kid, have you deconstructed yourself....

Thank GOD!!! Something to revitalize McCain's Campaign:
John McCain is hip. He's with it. And to prove it, his latest campaign ad starts with a swirling, psychedelic pattern of colors and the song "Light My Fire" by the Doors playing in the background.

The Arizona senator's ad, which begins running tomorrow in New Hampshire, moves quickly to its real point: making fun of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton for seeking $1 million for a Woodstock Concert museum in an appropriations bill on Capitol Hill.

"Now my friends, I wasn't there," McCain says in the ad, which is produced using video from the last Republican debate. As the ad cuts to scenes of hippies at Woodstock, McCain says: "I'm sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event. I was, I was tied up at the time."

And that's the real point of the ad: to show what happened at the debate when McCain referenced being a prisoner of war in Hanoi during Woodstock.

[ cf New McCain Ad Riffs on Summer of Love }
Should we tell the kid that the 'sumer of love' was on the west coast, in 1967, after nearly a years worth of plugging the product by then Governor Ronald Reagan who had been elected in the 1966 election, on a platform that it was time to finally deal with the problems raised by such things as the "Free Speach Movment". I mean what sort of country would it be if our college educated children actually believed the political rhetoric of the founding fathers, as IF that were some basis for making rational decision.

And yes, if you are that stoned, we are talking about the Former Governor Reagan, who as the head of the Actors Guild, a known communist front organization in Red Hollywood, was the head of the Democrats For Nixon, in the 1960 Campaign when the Evil Liberals Stabbed White Christian America in the Back to impose their God Hating America bashing Papist Regime of JFK...

But of course when we are playing the sixties card, it is clear that we do NOT want to get too close to any of the gory details.... Like the Unpleasant reality that in January 1968, when the Tet '68 broke across south vietnam, both MACV and the JCS called for an unequivocal declaration of war. But LBJ shined that on, and in 1969, Richard M. Nixon, the peace candidate, rather than getting the unequivical declaration of war, began to bring the american troops home... since he wanted Peace With Honor In Our Time, no matter what happened to the POW's in North Vietnam.....

Ah yes.... but of course to talk about the actual flow of history can be somewhat complicating... since, well, gosh, it would also mean pointing out that the Crush at the Concert in Woodstock NEW YORK, there are a whole bunch of woodstocks in new england as well, but that is another story, was all about the fun of being able to get into the concert for free, even though decent folks had already paid good money for this glorious manifestaton of the Superiority Of Market Economics...

But we have to wonder, will McCain and the rest of the little players be attacking free market economics as they continue to Stab The Troops In The Back as they OPENLY OPPOSE BushCheney2008, because of their, well, little personal issues...

Ah yes, if only we could take the concerns about winning the vietnam war this time around just a little more seriously in light of the current crisis of culture about the Importance of being a Member of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, and their devoted prayer warriors... I mean, maybe McCain should be asking himself what exactly WAS god's message that he was only able to fly with the Welfare Queens of the American military, and was unable to secure a billet in a more prestigious RealMilitaryHeroUnit, like the fighting 101st keyboardists, and their devoted prayer warriors....

Maybe then McCain would have a way to explain to folks why anything about his vietnam experience were in anyway releveant to the whole nation building project of restoring the wetlands to iraq... I mean, everyone else knows that this is Not Vietnam, except of course when it is....

So who knows, maybe the Evil Leftist Liberal Media Meat Puppets need to seriously deconstruct themselves about the importance of knowing that San Francisco is on the Right Coast of the Pacific Ocean, and New York is on the Left Coast of Atlantic, and a heck of a lot closer to FreedomLand than S.F. - I mean we do not have to worry about an attack of Frog who hate our Freedom Fries!!!!

I mean, I mean, I Mean,
Have YOU deconstructed Yourself?
and I told them I had, and they all....
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