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sometimes the comment is worth The Kvetch...

Operation Iraqi Freedom a name interesting in it own right. Perhaps a better name would have been "Fall Gelb Iraq."

Firstoff let us pensar un poco on just how much freedom, Fall Gelb has provided to the Iraqi's. Let us see:

1) Freedom to peaceable assembly, and they certainly have that if, of course being blown up by various types of bombs might be considered to be a sort of a negative.

2) Freedom of Religion - they have that in Spades, of course if in the wrong neighborhood the Spades are the digging types.

3) Freedom of Speach - works like a charm, but be sure not to set up your soap box on a avenue used by Swartzwasser.

4) Freedom to vote - But be sure to keep the purple ink off a finger that you may need later.

But the thing that really puzzles me is why the smoldering shrub has not been brought before the Nuremburg Tribunal vis-a-vi operation Fall Gelb Iraq

[ citing jakeinhartsel's take on the feature richness ]
ah yes...

what can I say, I just love Swartzwasser, since it is so loving a term....

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