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Some Times The Art IS a Threat!

“These are troubled times. There is no greater safety valve for discontent and cynicism about the affairs of government than freedom of expression in any form.” —Federal Judge Murray Gurfein on the publishing of the Pentagon Papers

Veteran actor Stacy Keach leads L.A. Theatre Works—America’s foremost radio theater company—in a live radio-theater-style production of Geoffrey Cowan and Leroy Aarons’ docudrama Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers. A revealing look at First Amendment issues, the play dramatizes the Washington Post’s controversial decision to publish top-secret documents detailing America’s involvement in the Vietnam War and is read from the stage with sound effects created live as in the golden age of radio.

[ cf L.A. Theatre Works, The Pentagon Papers ]
This is at the Stanford Dinkelspiel Auditorium this week end...

It is clearly a dangerous Idea to do a live radio show format stage performance of the Pentagon Paper while the nation is in the middle of the Most Holiest of Holy Crusades to Restore The Wetlands Of Iraq, showing the World that we have Defeated Our Vietnam Syndrome, and Can go on being MORE at WAR than ever before because now we are so clearly in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn, which is the most Heroically Patriotic of All THINGS since the First Days of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp!!!

The only important question is whether americans should attend this to protest the lack of patriotism involved, or should they be the Zombie Phlash Mob to show up and act appropriately for such an event, acting as, well, both the alledged concerned liberal anti-war types and the more patriotically corrector than thou pro-war types who are more than willing to stand around chanting
because anything less and the terrorists win...

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