drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

So why does Glenn Beck Hate American Troops In So Cal???

Gosh, golly, gee whiz, could it be that Glenn Beck, and the rest of the laugh for dead G.I. Crowd, keep forgetting that one of the problems is that americans are actually listening to them??? Ah yes, why is it that Glenn Beck wants to live in his happy land of no personal responsibiity, while play acting that he hates, well, gosh, his own personal stand on taking no personal responsibility for his Hate America Campaign.

But I guess we have all grown accustom to his ilk and their laugh while others are suffering, like the GI families that are losing their homes and personal belongings, and the Fine Folks like Glenn Beck want to keep on cutting the resources that GOOD GOVERNANCE would provide to help not only prevent these fires, but to limit the impact of those fires on the less wealthy in our midst, like the very GI families that have to bear the brunt, not only of the fire, but of the national policy of 'restoring the wetlands in iraq'.

Who knows, maybe it is TIME for folks like Glenn Beck to work out why do they not only HATE AMERICA but hate the American Military Community as well...

ah yes, but gosh, that would mean that Glenn Beck would have to explain why, since he is clearly not a journalist, and is, well, such a Red Hollywood Elitist Stand Up Comic, that he hates himself and his class.

( cf Beck responds to criticism: "We joke a lot about ... the Hollywood crowd living in Southern California"
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