drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why NOT a BushCheney2008 Victory????

Has anyone noticed that currently Stephen Colbert is out in front of at least three of the republocrat presidential candidates running against Truth, Justice And the American Way as they seek to stab the troops in the back by not supporting the President!!!
Stephen Colbert’s presidential campaign —a compellingly postmodern play on identity and politics (or something like that)—is apparently being taken seriously enough by the polling firm Public Opinion Strategies to merit Colbert’s inclusion in the lineup of candidates the firm is currently tracking. Here’s how the TV comedian—who says he’s running as both a Democrat and a Republican—is doing in the race for White House glory.
[ cf Colbert Ahead of 3 Democrats in Presidential Poll ]
Hey Boys and Girls, maybe it is so much time to get past angstFestivalizing about the ZombiePhlashMobs, I mean pack up your The Anti-Zombie Position and the Kraquehaus Productions - Zombies, get off my lawn!, as clearly until they opt IN to having their Own RepuliCrat Stab Our Troops In The Back Presidential Candidate, they are merly play acting that they are mallRatsDeluxe!!!

Are YOU backing the BushCheney2008 Victory Dream???? Or are you merely one more ZombiePhlashMobOfOne!!!

Remember, Vote For BushCheney2008 or we force the kitten to do bong hitz 4 Jesus!!!
Tags: bong_hitz_4_jesus, zombies

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