drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Get Your schadenfreude on...

As the Evil Liberal summarized:
1991 news: Evil right-wing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife marries Southern Belle.

1992-2000: Scaife hires flying attack monkeys to sniff at Bill Clinton's gentleman's area for signs of peccadillos.

2006 news: Said Southern Belle hires a detective who catches Scaife in the act with another woman.

Good: She wants a divorce.

Better: The battle is vicious.

Best: There was no pre-nup.
Read the fun at Low Road to Splitsville: Right-Wing Publisher's Breakup Is Super-Rich In Tawdry Details and you too may get:
I now have a six-foot schadenfreude stiffie with an oozing chancre of train-wreck voyeurism on the very tip.
But let us be honest, the more enjoybale moment will be when we do all of those Evil Liberals who voted/supported the impeachment of a president while congress had given him authorization to do as he wilst with Iraq....

You know, to support the troops....
Tags: schadenfreude

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