drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Digby Does not understand two critical ThingiePoohs

I was SHOCKED!!! Shocked I say to see her get confused with
Doesn't Zakaria realize that today's enemies are the strongest, most evil threats the world has ever known? Stalin and Mao were a couple of girlymen compared to Ahmadinejad. And Hitler was nothing but a big baby compared to bin Laden. That's why we need the gargantuan, turgid, throbbing rhetoric of giants like Rudy Giuliani to save us from these monsters. Doesn't he understand that they are coming to kill us all in our beds any minute and we will have to run for our lives unless the Republicans protect us?
[ cf War Of The Worlds (emphasis mine)]
I mean that is so painfully annoying a Gefaux!!! When anyone knows that it should be
Humongously Gargantuam Throbbing and Tumultuous Turgid Tubor Of Truthineff That Manifests The MANLY Male Masculine Machismo
but of course some PerKin just do not care about traditional family values and the important issues of our day as the radical left winger skeep trying to feminize our society with mere factualisms.... Then she offers up
It's almost as if the reason they hated" the totalitarians was because they could get away with doing what these guys could only fantasize about. It wasn't hatred at all, actually. It was ency.

But this is no longer an academic exercise, is it? Aside from the torture and black sites and detention without habeas (as if that's not enough) they've also been busily laying the legal groundwork for an authoritarian regime at home. It only awaits the next "crisis" for them to fully implement.

[ cf Serious Consequences ]
as if the restoration of the extra super secret special powers that the Founding Fathers enshrined in the super duper seriously secret special codical to the constitution that allows for these sorts of zel miller laser death ray eye powers to be invoked in a time of facing the horrors of liberalism....

The real problem is that most americans accept that it is so over for the republic, and we must move on to the Glorious American Empire, or the Iranian Flying Saucers will return.... Or far worse, the actual economic impact of a globalized free market system would leave america with little excuse why it's federation credits were in any way a repository of any sort of value outside of nostalgia...

Clearly it IS time that we accept that there is no other solution than to allow the President and his Posse to let loose their Inner Stalinism, or we will have to face the grim tragedies of the economic collapse. I mean, everyone really loves Joe, and the whole Cult Of Personality Thing....

So get the Fur Caps out and, well, those I Love Joe Mustaches... which will be probably more important for the non-malePerkIn to show their true loyalty to Great Leader!!!

Anything LESS and the terrorists win...
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