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Must Get Another Congressional Sanction...

Are YOU shocked that the radical left wing extremists are well, left wing extremists:
The Iraq war may be funded largely with Uncle Sam's borrowed cash, but don't think American consumers will escape without taking a hit in the wallet.

From steeper mortgage payments to higher fuel prices, the cost of the war is already starting to sink in.

And while the burden on the nation's overall economy is currently fairly small, the longer term effects of redirected investment and restricted borders could hurt the country's competitiveness.

The nation has spent $415 billion in Iraq and another $190 billion since 2001 fighting the "war on terror," which includes the fighting in Afghanistan, according to a recent report from the Congressional Budget Office, Congress' nonpartisan research arm.

That number could grow substantially. The CBO estimated in August that the total could hit $1 trillion by 2013 and that's if nearly two-thirds of the 210,000 troops now deployed are brought home.

[ cf Iraq war's creeping costs ]
wow, and to think that at one time the pro-war camp and their neoConBedFellows were pooh poohing the mere $200+ BILLION that the then Chief of the OKW told congress it would take...

Oh well, thank god it's not like any of the pro-war camp and their neoConBedFellows were that engaged in the process of play acting like they cared....

Which makes one wonder, what exactly, if it is not for the mere amusement of the prez, are the tax payers being asked to foot this bill to allow the comedic types, like hanoiAnnie Coulter, to do their little funnies?

Uh, would this be a bad time for those so called alledged social conservatives to remind me again about why Jesus always opposed the use of war bonds as means to provide a sound fiscal basis for that war like activity...
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