drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Didn't Know???

I mean, hello, so what about:
J.K. Rowling made the announcement in front of a group of young fans in New York that Harry Potter elder character, Albus Dumbledore, was gay. Rowling revealed that Dumbledore's partner was Gellert Grindelwald who is briefly mentioned in the books.
Laura Mallory, who wants a ban on Harry Potter books said, "The kids are being introduced to a cult and witchcraft practices," adding, "A homosexual lifestyle is a harmful one. That's proven, medically."

[ cf Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, says Dumbledore was gay. (emphasis mine) ]
Go Team Venture!!!

The moment that people move into Demonic God Hating America Bashing, it is a well known, and well established medical fact that they are actually Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadinanists, and must be stopped in our life tyme...

Clearly can there be any doubt that we MUST win against Canada NOW???

Think of the children...

And the NEEDS of Total Victory Against All Monsters in a Time of Transferring the Tax Liability Unto The Unborn!
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