drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why I Blame My Friends...

So I was mostly pleased by ronebofh rant quis custodiet ipsos custodes, et cui bono?, since it is an amusing insight but rests upon a series of totally FeNorked Premisise that rest upon Deep Seated Unresolved Premisii that are still trying to resolve their Unresolved Childhood Issues from Past Lives, and as such are not useful in the construction of a valid argument. At which point I fell off the side of the Comic Section for Girl Genius and through the offworld designs to the Scary Self Destructive HORROR of zzPower Puff Goth Cami. Yeah, ok, remind me again, how does that phrase even hold together in any rational context???

I'm not sure if it is a violation of the Computer Decency Act to mention that there is a section for cthulhu, that has a 'happy face' cthulhu with the slogan "Everything I needed to KNOW, I learned from cthulhu". I'm sure that some super secret subtext of the Patriot Act SHOULD be applicable to that sort of KulturKampf against our Great Traditional American Family Values!!!

I am sooo afraid that main stream america is so swirling around and around in the big cosmic porcelline bowl!!!

Ok, the "jesus saves, you all take splash damage" is clearly Why Anime Won. t-shirt, i mean, go deal with it.
Tags: they_did_what

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