drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who is the Poster Child For BANNING BAD DRUGS here?

I mean, the Freaks at NewsDay for their Stoner Headline? Or the Stoner Rudy Giuliani:
Rudy Giuliani made an intensely personal appeal to social conservatives gathered here this morning, telling them their common values are stronger than their differences with him and assuring them, "You have absolutely nothing to fear from me."
[ cf Giuliani to social conservatives: "Don't fear me" ]
Or do they really think that suddenly the 'alledged', and I emphasis that this is the still alledged 'social conservatives', since do they REALLY have the 'courage of their convictions' to stand in the full glory of their biblical literalism and restore not only Slavery but the God Given Rights of Concubinage!!!! Or at least the ideological allignment with their fetish for Edmund Burke, and hence that what we really need to do is keep on rolling back the unpleasant threats of the evil liberal regime and accept that ONLY the 1688 Glorious Revolution has the True Stamp Of Divine Will!!! All others are the apostate spawn of backslidden heathens who have nothing but God Hating Crown Bashing!!!

So yes, I mean if you are stoned enough to hold that the Radical Left Wing of the Social Conservative Movement should in any way be the illustration of their political alignment, then CLEARLY it is WAY PAST TIME to get thee hence into an actual drug rehabilitation since you are so past presuming that YOU are The AntiChrist that you wouldn't know a Low Fat Decafe Cafe Latte that wasn't made from Bong Water!!!

Or is Giuliani coming out of the closet, again, and trying to explain that his whole drag background, is well, just a part of the whole 'mofo' NYC party scene, and hence he is a serious, hard corp and committed party apparachniki!!! Not one of those mamby pamby when it is politically expedient sort of sunshine patriot who likes to quote Thomas Paine, when there is ABSOLUTELY no chance of any pain coming from the usurption of an ideology which at any other time one would be tossing on the BarBie with a little Texas Tea Sauce, some Steak Fries, and the usual accutremont of a well done Texas Style Auto-de-Fe!!!

Now don't get me wrong here boys and girls, these are Obviously God Hating Crown Bashers of the worst sort of Radical Left WING EXTREMIST, the very basis for the Evil Demonic Radical Environmental Extremist that the Naderites put into the White House, but we must find a way to help these Left Wingers find their way home to a New Day In America!!!

We need to show them our compasionate conservativism, and that all of their sperm will be sacred, even if we must irradicate them as anti-state terrorist engaged in the Dangerous Thot Crime of UnBritish Activities as laid out in the UnBritish Activities Commitee's Active Guidelines!! We are in a time of transferring tax liabilities you know....
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