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Crime Fighting Terrorism In The Sub Prime World Before The Zombies Come!!!!

Ok, so s9 does a most amusing takeOver of Dan Gross's DESPERATE EFFORT to wrap some brain power around the current
Zombie Hunt For Al-Qaeda Gay HomoZeXuals In The Sub Prime Market
What can I say I LOVED The Rantettes between citations:
A theory? No, Dan— I read your article. You don't have a theory. You have a tenuous but firm grip on one of the few bits of reality not yet obliterated by the ongoing demolition of the financial press in the United States.
This is your theory?

You're going to be really impressed with my theory that bodies at rest tend to stay at rest. Have you heard it before? It's really very clever and revolutionary. It explains so much about how the universe works!
.I love that phrase "a new mega-conduit" like you don't even know. That's bullshit so pure you could step all over it at 20:1 and still get $100/ounce for it on the street.

[ cf MoJoRant ]
Ok, so there is something bollockedin their typesetting. But the Money Shot is:
Dan. It's not a short-term bailout. It's bridge to a long-term restructuring of the mortgage securitization industry. I am, of course, trying to be careful what I say here. Progressives may want to pay careful and close attention to what's going on here, because there's a chance that what's happening in this disaster could be used to get some progressive leverage back into the hands of the middle class. These high-finance wizards have royally fnorcked themselves up here, and reconstructing the mortgage industry in the aftermath of their stupidity is an opportunity to get some things fixed that have been seriously messed up for a long time. Having the government reinsure some of these special investment vehicles could backfire on these bankers in a huge way. Let the nose of one camel into the tent, and pretty soon, you've got camels everywhere.
[ ( op cit) ]

And end the hand out to the conduit builders of off book assets???

Gosh, for most fo middle america, their knowledge of such gambits is normally limited to their awakening to the underpleasantness of Enron, or their first time through the whole embezzelment crisis....

So ok, but what if americans were to think about why Banking Regulation was a gooder idea!!! Why is it that the old Frank Capra "It is a wonderful life" had such a dangerous conunter point between the world where folks had their little Savings And Loan, and the sort of Morally Degenerate "Potterville".

What if americans looked at the sort of Potterville america has become and remind me again that there is no tie between the moral failures of the so called 'capitalists', that the so called ammoral world of business can just blithely move along pimping the next Hannah Montanna, till someone finally legalizes the right to own one's own...

Gosh, maybe if americans were to work out which of their 'moral purity' moments that they meant to really deal with in all of this, who knows, they may also be able to turn back the Gay HomoZeXual Zombies in the Sub Prime Market....

Or NOT....

Or is that REALLY the big scary bit here - the problem with kansasa remains that the nice folks buy the religious language, and hope that majikally that is not, once again, going to turn into a tax break for the folks who do not have anything to worry about....
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