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You SEE! It is all the fault of the reality based community.

A famous scientist who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine has apologized for racially insensitive comments about the intelligence of blacks.

The Sunday Times of London printed an interview with Doctor James Watson in which he suggested blacks are not as intelligent as whites.

The prominent laboratory where he works in New York (The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) suspended Watson over the comments Thursday. And London's Science Museum canceled a sold-out lecture Friday by the doctor.

A statement from Watson's publicist says he is mortified over the quotes. Watson said he cannot understand how he could have said what he is quoted as saying, but he understands the public reaction to the comments.

[ cf DNA Scientist Apologizes for Comments on Intelligence of Blacks ]
How MANY TIMES have I had to say this,
Memory is not merely Theft!!!!
Clearly if the evil liberal media meat puppets had cited him in the correct contextual framework rather than limiting themselves to merely the factual, none of this would have been problematic, because we would have all understood that this great person was actually denouncing the Nobel Prize system for having become the apostate spawn of the Dark Lord!!!

And that Science, as a fanatical wing of the reality based community, is all EVIL, ALL THE TIME!!!!


Would this be a bad time to talk about the traditional biblical literalist positions that existed prior the Brutal Onslaught of the Radical Left Wing Extremists, under Presidente-General Ike, and his mainforce assault on our white christian america, or would that be reminding americans of, well, more painful times.... Back when the Radical Left Wingers were well, Radical Left Wing Liberals!!!!
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