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But THINK of the Fun...

Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says a Turkish military incursion against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq would have serious repercussions for the entire region.
[ cf Iraq Says Turkish Incursion Would Destabilize Region ]
They say that like it were a bad thing?

Besides it would help open up a path to total victory over Iran and the Iranian Flying Saucers - and clearly all americans can support the need to win, even if it does mean allowing the Turks to irradicate the christian kurds, because, well, sometimes an internal ideological disfunctionality within domestic political structures should not be an excuse to prevent the irradication of various groups within the greater glory of greater military victories for no other reason than purely domestic political agendas!!!

I mean, well, it is not like the removal of the christian armenians, whom of course, well, is not really an issue for anyone, especially the turks, who do not recognize that it was even an issue back in the day..

Besides, it is not like we would be killing any White Christian Americans, so relax folks!!!

Third world wars always start in the Balkans....
Tags: religion, war

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