drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

New And Improved Secret Service Uniformed Divisions

I fear our friends over at the MojoWire have become a bit unhinged about the great advancements in the Kommisariate Of State Security that is being nested in the New And Improved Family Sized Patriot Act, as they seem underHappy about "I've Got A Brand New Shiny Helmet And A Pair Of Kinky Boots".

But let us step back for a brief moment and think those Happy Thoughts. For those of you who do not have a Naval Background, the Grisha II class of corvettes were built for KGB service. We should of course note, that back in the 80's, in the hey days of those Kinder and Gentler Times, the fine folks at MiniTrue felt that it was important to upgrade all of the Grisha Hulls to the Official American Designation of FFL ( Fast Frigate Light ) because the MiniPax was punting the Oliver Hazard Perry class of FFG's to the folks who were suppose to be the People's Representatives.

Ah yes, those Halcyon Days....

Back when only the member of the Evil Empire were Evil, And Imperial, and needed their own Uniformed State Security Divisions, including, but not limited to Ground Forces, and the Maritime Protection Services engaged in the Irradication of Dangerous Elements Engaged In Anti-State Activities.

Why Worry! Be Happy!!!!

Be Seeing You.

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